Advance - Auto Coater Machine

Our Models Are :
AE – AC – 18 / AE – AC – 24
AE – AC – 30 / AE – AC – 36
AE – AC – 42 / AE – AC – 48
AE – AC – 60

Auto coater is designed according to the gmp criteria. Uniformly perforated s s 316 pan specially designed with
widely adjustable spraying system mounted on pneumatically operated (optional) retractable arm. Optimized
dying maintains the negative pressure inside the pan. Air handling system at the inlet and required scrubbing
system at the exhaust. The pan is driven by variator and the spray controlled through peristaltic pump. Loading
and unloading from the front through the discharge scoop. The system is provided with wip line housed inside the
stainless steel cabinet & the cabinet is completely air tight. The coating system is provided with a controlled unit.
The panel plc is suitable for both manual & automatic operation

Salient Features :

  • Design Conforms to meet cGMPstandards.
  • All contact parts will be made from S. S. 316 and all seal made from food grade materials.
  • Perforated Coating pan with Variable Frequency Drive.
  • Flexible Spray arm for adjustment of spraying nozzle for uniform coating.
  • Spray Guns with automated automating controls.

Advance – Auto Coater Machine Trial Video