Advance - Main Manufacturing Vessel Machine

Salient Features :

  • The Manufacturing Vessel is a Jacketed cylindrical vessel
    with a conical bottom & anchor type agitator.
  • It is use to mix the viscous product from the Water & Wax Phase
  • Jacket for Heating & cooling.
  • Vacuumized Process.
  • Vessel Inside Pressure (-1/+2 Bar)
  • Heating Jacket Pressure (-1/+6 Bar)
  • Heating By Steam, Hot Water or Electric Heater.
  • Agitator Mixer with self pressure Teflon Scrapper.
  • Scrapper Cleanly working on both side.
  • High speed Homogenizer with teeth type Rotor – stator.
  • RPM with step & variable speed drive for agitator & Homogenizer.
  • High Shear & pressurization of the Homogenizer.
  • Thus Homogenization of high viscosities up to 400.000 mpas.
  • Homogenizer mounted on lower position in the side of vessel.
  • Safety interlock process with limit switch.
  • Connection for vacuum, charging, view glass, lamp gals, CIP, WIP for cleaning process, pressure gauge & safety valve.
  • Temperature Controller & safety pressure valve.
  • Bottom Discharge with Valve.
  • Homogenizer The Homogenizer Tank or Online is used with Manufacturing Vessel to reduce particle size & uniform mixing

Advance – Main Manufacturing Vessel Machine Trial Video

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